LAB [zaˈlɔŋ]: Keynote


LAB [zaˈlɔŋ] is a networking event in the TRANSFORMATION PLUS LAB dedicated to:


Connecting individuals from different backgrounds with a common passion:

  • “Imaging tomorrow, today“ | “Heute denken, was morgen ist” | “Hüte dänkche, was morn isch”
  • Inspiring keynote talks
  • Future-oriented topics

This LAB Salon focuses on "BrainBranded Communication® - Bridging the Brand Gap" with the behavioral communication and marketing specialist, Jan-Oliver Hess.


About BrainBranded Communication®:

Life and especially the economy are constructed by our behavior. Thus, the most crucial question for (marketing-) communication is: How can one influence the behavior of humans? BrainBranded Communication® answers this question with a practical approach that designs, executes, and evaluates behavioral communication from a customer point of view that makes (brand-) communication work.


About Jan-Oliver Hess:

Jan loves to talk and does it a lot. He has to because he is a creative strategist. He wants to know what moves people to be able to do so himself. He is the strategic mastermind of the Swiss (marketing-) communication agency “Nordjungs” that bridges the gap between insight and impact. With him as navigator, you don’t have to fear that infamous implementation void between strategy and reality also known as the “Brand Gap”.


— The presentation will be held in GERMAN —



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