What Would Howard Gossage Do?

What Would Howard Gossage Do? A question you should ask yourself from time to time - especially if you are dealing with strategic, creative and communicative stuff. 

“Before Goodby, Silverstein, Weiden, Kennedy, Chiat, Clow, Riney, and the rest of the West, there was Howard Luck Gossage. Before the Pink Bunny there was PINK AIR! Before interactive, there was Is this Your Shirt? He was thirty years ahead of his time – so maybe advertising is ready. Discover the man who discovered Marshall Mc Luhan, introduced the world to Friends of the Earth, and would sometimes end one of his ads right in the middle of“

Visit an archive of video, photography, audio & his inimitable advertising on www.howardluckgossage.com

And by the way: Did you know, where I can get the documentary by Steve Harrison called "Changing the world is the only fit work for a grown man"? Thanks for your help in advance!

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