Mini MBA in Marketing with Mark Ritson

»The MW Mini MBA in Marketing is a CPD accredited, MBA level course. Covering the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools, but in just 12 lessons, it will give you the tools you need to do your job better.


Marketers of all backgrounds, educational levels and nationalities, have benefited from the Mini MBA, with over 95% of our alumni feeling more inspired, 95% more confident and 91% more effective as a result«


Professor Mark Ritson teaches marketing at Melbourne Business School. Armed with a BSc and PhD in Marketing from Lancaster University,  Mark has spent the past 20 years teaching marketing to MBA students at some of the world’s top business schools, including award winning courses at London Business School, MIT and Melbourne Business School.


Like most business school professors teaching is only a small part of his workload. He also combines his work as a consultant for some of the biggest brands on the planet to ensure his content is both applied, up to date and immensely practical. 

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